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Aviation News Talk podcast

Jan 19, 2018

Max talks in detail about the AeroMexico 668 go around at SFO and how our expectations as a pilot can change our perceptions of what we hear. GAMA President Pete Bunce gives a wide range of GA updates.

Jan 12, 2018

Jason Blair is a FAA DPE, or Designated Pilot Examiner, who gives checkrides to pilots, and he’s also an active flight instructor. He got an early start in aviation, taking flying lessons at age 15, soloing at 16, and getting his private certificate at 17. Jason talks about the shortage of the CFIs in the flight...

Jan 8, 2018

Please contact me with any questions, comments or inputs you have for the show by sending an email. If you have a question you'd like answered on the show, let listeners hear you ask the question, by recording your listener question using your phone. Max talks in detail about Cold Weather Flying operations, how the new...