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Aviation News Talk podcast

Aug 17, 2017

National Aviation Day has been around for more than 75 years, But it probably doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Here are 13 fun ideas for celebrating on national aviation Day, which is August 19. Franklin D. Roosevelt created National Aviation Day in 1939 by presidential proclamation. Originally it was to celebrate the growth and advancements made in aviation. But one can’t help wonder whether it was also a way to start getting more people interested in aviation got a time when Europe was just beginning to enter World War II. Today we face a different challenge, which is how to attract more people to aviation at a time when pilots are in high demand, but new student pilot starts are declining. Here are 13 ways that you can celebrate today, or help get other people more connected to aviation. 1. Get someone else involved in aviation. 2. If you are a rusty pilot, get back into flying! 3. Fly in a new airplane type. 4. Watch an aviation themed movie. 5. Fly a flight simulator! 6. If you are a licensed pilot, fly somewhere new! 7. Visit an Aviation Museum 8. Fly a radio controlled airplane 9. Volunteer to help an aviation-related organization 10. Download and read an aviation book from your local library or from NASA 11. Go Plane Spotting 12. Thank someone who works in the aviation industry 13. Take an aviation course Click here for the listener survey. Tell us what flight planning tools you use when planning a longer flight. Please visit my new Patreon page and make a contribution to help me with my goal of improving the website. You can Dictate a listener question from your phone and I’ll try to answer it on a future show, or send an email. News Stories