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Aviation News Talk podcast

Apr 18, 2024

Max talks with Rob Mark about thirteen different ways a pilot can build flight time. These jobs may be attractive to weekend pilots who are looking for a fun flying activity, or for pilots who are looking to reach the 1500 hours required for an ATP and an airline job. This is Part 2 of a two episode series.

In Part 2, we discuss Part 91 and Corporate flying, Air tours, Banner towing, time building programs, glider towing, working as a CFI, and flying a personal airplane. We also discuss the illegal P-51time, which has nothing to do with warbirds.

And I want to mention one other resource for pilots who are looking for low time pilot jobs.  I mentioned the Road to 1500 website where you can learn about a lot of these jobs. And just a couple of weeks ago, Ivan Rabarison, who runs that website, began offering what he calls the Ultimate Low Time Pilot Jobs Database, which sells for  $29.99. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it includes minimum hour requirements to apply, location, website, contact information and in some case information about pay, work schedules and more. So it sounds like a fairly efficient to help find these jobs. To get the website, just Google The Road to 1500, and of course I will also have a link to it in the show notes.

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