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Jun 27, 2018

67 Top 10 Lessons from Delta 192 – Naked Man on the Runway at Atlanta Airport

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There are many lessons that pilots can learn from the incident in Atlanta in which a man climb up on the wing of an arriving airliner, jumped off, and ran naked onto the runway.
1. There’s always something new that happens you’ve never seen before.
2. Early information is often is often incorrect.
3. When something very out of the ordinary happens, Stop immediately.
4. Shut down your engine.
5. Don’t start up again until you’re absolutely sure everyone is clear the area.
6. Relay information about things you see that others may not see.
7. If there’s any doubt about the condition of the plane, don’t start up without having someone inspect the aircraft, and consider having it towed.
8. Re evaluate your original plan based on what has just happened.
9. Defer to tower to sort things out….that’s their job
10. Be patient, its going to take time for things to get unsnarled.
11. Enjoy the show!

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