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Apr 16, 2019

105 8 Lessons Pilots can Learn from the Boeing 737 MAX Crashes and the MCAS + GA News

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105 Max talks about the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes, and the lessons that all pilots can learn from these accidents. Here's a summary of his 8 Lessons Pilots can Learn from the Boeing 737 MAX Crashes:
#1 Know your aircraft systems intimately
#2 The documentation isn’t always complete. Join a type club.
#3 If you touch something and things get worse, undo what you did.
#4 If the autopilot is on and it’s doing weird things, turn it off. And vice versa.
#5 Understand what can cause runaway trim.
#6 Know how to disable the electric trim system in your aircraft.
#7 Make sure you can overpower the autopilot
#8 Know the critical single points of failure in your aircraft.

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