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Dec 11, 2018

89 General Aviation in Australia – Interview Benjamin Morgan, AOPA Australia

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Max talks with Benjamin Morgan, Executive Director of AOPA Australia about the state of General Aviation in Australia. Number of Private pilots is declining. AOPA is working to inspire youth. They’ve acquired a bus full of simulators they drive around the country, and is buying low cost Cessna 150s for flight training. GA also faces regulatory challenges with CASA, which regulates all aviation in Australia.

The number of flight instructors have declined, since independent flight instructors haven’t been permitted since a rule change in 1999. After that decision, flight training declined significantly. Smaller flight schools have been unable to survive, and a significant number of the larger flight schools have been bought by China, to train pilots for SE Asia. Much training is done through local Aero Clubs, but many of these no longer have any low cost airplanes for flight training.

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