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Aviation News Talk podcast

Jun 20, 2017

Please take the Aviation News Talk podcast 2017 Listener survey! Click here for the survey. In this podcast, I explain the effects of hot weather on the general aviation airplanes and pilots. We talk about how to calculated density altitude, which is altitude compensated for non-standard pressure and temperature. We also talk about how humidity can also affect density altitude by as much as 32%, especially at lower altitudes. We also discuss the effects on human physiology and give tips for what pilots can do to minimize the effects of heat on themselves while preflighting and flying general aviation aircraft. Plus listener email: we also discuss the new rules under which you can use an IFR-certified GPS when flying a VOR instrument approach, and how fuel pumps meters are certified by local counties to assure that you get the exact amount of fuel that you pay for. You can Dictate a listener question from your phone and I’ll try to answer it on a future show, or send an email. News Stories