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Aviation News Talk podcast

Sep 30, 2020

164 In September 2020, the California National Guard rescued nearly 400 people trapped by the Creek Fire. Max gets the inside story of the rescue by talking with Col. David Hall of the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade and helicopter pilot Kipp Goding. He also talked with Henri Laborde, one of the rescued hikers....

Sep 21, 2020

163 Max talks about his roundtrip from SFO to Knoxville on the airlines and an MIT study that estimates the chances of catching COVID on an airline flight. While the terminals appear safe, the highest risk is in flight, as not everyone is properly masked. He shares what he learned about the mask he was wearing...

Sep 12, 2020

162 Max talks about a fatal crash with many risk factors including a pilot who had low total flying time and relatively little experience in an SR22. After a 5-hour flight, flown late at night, he diverted to buy cheap fuel at another airport close to his home. During that time, his home field went below minimums....