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Aviation News Talk podcast

Jan 12, 2024

This episode explores the advancements in the Cirrus SR22 G7 aircraft, emphasizing avionics and general enhancements over its predecessor, the G6. To learn the features of the new Cirrus G7, you’ll want to purchase a copy of my Max Trescott’s G3000 and G5000 Glass Cockpit Handbook, which covers virtually all of the features you’ll find in the Perspective Touch+,used in the G7 and the SF50 Vision Jet.

Key features include automatic fuel tank alternation, borrowed from the Vision Jet, enhancing fuel management. The addition of a stick shaker provides tactile stall warnings, potentially improving safety. Avionics modifications, include a redesigned flap switch with safety features like flaps under speed and over speed protection.

The G7 includes a lighter lithium-ion starter battery and a push-button starter switch, inspired by the Vision Jet, streamlining the startup process. A new storage cubby below the autopilot and relocated user-friendly environmental controls enhance the overall experience. Improved accent lighting, color options, and exterior designs aim to elevate aesthetics and comfort. In avionics, the G7 features two large 14-inch displays with increased resolution and two touchscreen controllers with icons similar to those in Garmin GTN navigators. The Perspective Touch+ software aligns with Cirrus's strategy for a seamless transition from the SR22 to a Vision Jet. Other upgrades include 3D safe taxi, taxiway routing, and a Checklist Scroll Wheel for efficient checklist navigation. The redesign of the CAPS parachute handle placard and streamlined cockpit elements contribute to accessibility and user-friendliness. Overall, the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 G7 introduces a comprehensive set of enhancements for improved safety, user experience, and aesthetics.

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