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May 18, 2018

61 Preventing Airplane Accidents and the Go Around Maneuver, VFR vs IFR for long trips Your Cirrus Specialist.

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Max discusses several accidents that could have been prevented by a timely go around. One was a Cirrus SR20 that retracted flaps at too slow a speed and entered a stall spin in Houston. Another was a Emirates Boeing 777 that landed long and executed a go around without full power. An Air Canada jet lined up a night with a taxiway at San Francisco avoided what could have been the worst aviation accident in history by going around at the last second.

Max also talks about his experience that almost led to him going off a runway into a lake in Andover, NJ. A similar accident occurred last month in Knoxville, TN when a Cirrus SR22 landed and ended up in a river.

Next he talks about procedures for executing a go around properly. Finally he talks about common errors he sees when pilot execute the go around. The most common one is deciding too late to go around, or worse, not doing a go around when it’s needed. Another common error jamming the throttle in too fast during a go around, which can cause larger engines to choke and stumble as it’s flooded with too much fuel. Pilots also forget to add right rudder simultaneously as they add full power.

A lot of pilots don’t pitch up to climb away from the runway during a go around and instead just continue to fly level. Pilots also mismanage the flaps, either removing them all at once, instead of raising them in increments, or by forgetting to raise them at all. Another mistake pilots make during a go around is that they fail to track the runway and its extended centerline as they climb up during a go around.

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