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May 6, 2019

107 12 Steps for Handling an Engine Failure in Flight + GA News

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107 Max talks about the statistics for engine failures in flight and the 12 step procedure you should follow if you have an engine failure. The procedures described are generic, and may be differ for your aircraft, so check your POH.
#1 Don’t panic, wind the clock.
#2 Turn toward an airport or landing site at the first sign of engine trouble.
#3 Fly best glide speed
#4 Clean up the airplane
#5 Memorize the first few steps of the checklist
#6 Troubleshoot the three things your engine needs to operate: fuel, spark, and air
#7 Communicate and squawk 7700
#8 Use crew resource management and delegate tasks to others on board
#9 Shut down everything related to fuel and electricity
#10 Have a strategy for managing your descent
#11 Open the doors while you’re still in the air
#12 Use any automation tools that you have available to you

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