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Aviation News Talk podcast

Feb 24, 2024

Host Max Trescott recounts his recent trip in the Vision Jet, a G1 version, with a Patreon supporter who is working towards his type rating. He also talks about the VNAV Direct vertical navigation feature that he rarely uses, but found helpful during the trip.

The journey involved flying from Oakland, California to Ann Arbor, Michigan and back, with several considerations such as runway lengths, weather patterns, and fuel efficiency. The decision to fly into Ypsilanti Airport instead of Ann Arbor Municipal Airport is made due to runway length and width concerns, as well as the desire for safer and more comfortable landing conditions.

The route planning involves optimizing for tailwinds and minimizing refueling stops. By analyzing weather patterns and selecting appropriate altitudes, they manage to reduce the trip to just two refueling stops instead of three, despite the longer route. They depart Oakland and encounter some weather challenges, including icing, which they manage safely. Utilizing various tools such as SiriusXM weather and Garmin G3000, they navigate through different altitudes and terrain, making adjustments to their flight plan as needed.

During the trip, they make stops at various airports, encountering different experiences such as efficient refueling processes at Mitchell, South Dakota, and challenges in verifying fuel availability at other airports. They also navigate through unforeseen weather changes, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the trip.

The return trip involves rerouting due to weather forecasts, aiming to avoid strong headwinds. Max reflects on minor errors made during the journey, emphasizing the importance of staying alert and making quick adjustments when needed. Overall, the episode highlights the intricacies and considerations involved in planning and executing a long-distance flight in a Vision Jet, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and adaptability throughout the journey. Anyone interested in buying a Vision Jet or getting trained in one should contact Max directly.

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