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Aviation News Talk podcast

Nov 6, 2017

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Max talks about three recent accidents where aircraft got in trouble while flying too close to the ground. One was Cessna 172 flying low over the Mississippi river, and another was a Cirrus SR22 that hit power lines while flying an approach at night to the Lancaster, TX airport. In that incident, the passenger pulled the parachute when the plane hit the first set of line, and the parachute snagged a second set of power lines, holding the aircraft three feet above the ground.

He also talks about Night Flying Safety and in detail about black hole approaches, how they create an illusion which causes pilots to fly a curved path into the ground, and the importance of using a visual or electronic glide slope when flying over dark areas on approach to land at night.

Listener Jeff from Massachusetts recommended this episode of the Omega Tau podcast on radar, transponders, and ADS-B.

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