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Aviation News Talk podcast

Feb 24, 2024

Host Max Trescott recounts his recent trip in the Vision Jet, a G1 version, with a Patreon supporter who is working towards his type rating. He also talks about the VNAV Direct vertical navigation feature that he rarely uses, but found helpful during the trip.

The journey involved flying from Oakland, California to...

Feb 16, 2024

Host Max Trescott delves into arrival procedures for instrument pilots, focusing on common issues and best practices. The host begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding and properly executing arrival procedures, which are often overlooked, especially for pilots not regularly flying into larger airports.

Feb 8, 2024

Host Max Trescott discusses the fatal crash of a Falcon jet in Georgia with aviation expert Rob Mark. The NTSB final report revealed a series of factors contributing to the accident. These included misreading a NOTAM regarding the ILS glideslope, difficulty entering the initial approach fix into the navigation system,...

Feb 2, 2024

Max talks with Seth Lake about Vmc (Minimum Control Speed with the Critical Engine Inoperative) maneuvers, particularly focusing on their importance in multi-engine training. Seth also talks about the challenges and risks associated with VMC demonstrations and offers constructive suggestions for improving training...